Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
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US Supreme Court issues partial stay in NC legislative maps case

US Supreme Court issues partial stay in NC legislative maps case

January 18, the justices granted a request by Republican legislators in North Carolina to block a ruling by a three-judge federal court that struck down that state's federal congressional maps as the product of partisan gerrymandering, and the Pennsylvania legislators and voters had hoped for the same result in their case.

But the clock is ticking, the pressure is building and there are plenty of questions about how it might all go sideways. "Gerrymandering is wrong and we must correct errors of the past with the existing map". "Will we be able to do it?"

Pennsylvania Democrat Chrissy Houlahan doesn't know which congressional district she is running to represent anymore. A special election to replace Murphy will take place next month. In other words, Scarnati accused a Democratic justice of being compromised for public statements about redistricting, while his own PAC had donated a five-figure sum to a Republican justice who didn't reveal that fact and then voted to uphold a GOP gerrymander.

In an action that could help Republicans keep control of the House, the high court on January 18 put on hold a January 9 federal court ruling that had ordered Republican-draw congressional districts in redrawn because of partisan gerrymandering. "It is judge shopping, pure and simple", Lewis said at a news conference. The map would likely leave Republicans with an 11-7 edge in the state's congressional delegation-a margin the GOP should be pleased with, considering that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in the state-instead of the current 13-5 split. Still expect: more Democratic leaning districts.

"Now, all parties must focus on getting a fair map in place, "said Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat". The court eventually went with that map. While Democratic Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer agrees a replacement is needed, he warns that a quick turnaround could create "confusion, if not chaos" both for candidates and voters.

That threat has lawmakers livid.

It is the fundamental reform that could improve all of Pennsylvania state governance, including the budget process. "It's disappointing that the judges have chosen to legislate from the bench". "The PA Supreme Court has zero authority to do it".

Republicans aren't the only group concerned about the impending deadline for a new plan.

"It depends on what they do", Masser said.

After briefings and a hearing on Persily's maps, the panel ordered they be enacted over lawmakers' redrawn plans for this year's elections.

"It's a mess", he said.

Needless to say, the state's top-ranking Republicans did not meet last week's state Supreme Court deadline.

"We will do our best to comply with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's January 22 order, but may be compelled to pursue further legal action in federal court", they said. They also argued that some of the districts in urban counties were altered mid-decade when they did not have to be, a violation of the state Constitution.

But the Supreme Court also issued a curious partial stay in what's known as the Covington case.

Stepping back from this Trump-like swirl of baseless accusations and spin, what's unclear are the next steps in revising the congressional map.

"When I saw this news about the Supreme Court come through, I was shocked and disappointed". "That, to me, is unconscionable". The order explained that the state's maps must be "composed of compact and contiguous territory" and must not "divide any county, city, incorporated town, borough, township, or ward, except where necessary to ensure equality of population".

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