Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
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Stormy Daniels' advice to Kylie Jenner's Stormi: 'I hope you're fierce.'

Stormy Daniels' advice to Kylie Jenner's Stormi: 'I hope you're fierce.'

At 13.8 million likes (and counting), the photo shared on Tuesday of Stormi Webster wrapping her tiny hand around her mother's perfectly manicured finger is now the most-liked Instagram post of all time. I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free and health way I knew how.

So what does it mean that we apparently live in an era that prioritizes-in the currency that is Instagram likes, at least-Kar-Jenner offspring over that of more, shall we say, traditionally talented people like Beyoncé? "Kylie and Travis are not officially living together", the insider said, noting that Scott does often sleep over at Jenner's home.

That same day, Jenner also dropped an 11-minute video showcasing her pregnancy, including spending time with Scott, celebrating her baby shower, and holding her newest niece, Chicago West. "I'm not pretentious enough to think she named her after me", Daniels said.

Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott, born Jacques Webster, welcomed Stormi on February 1, 2018 at 4:43 pm.

However, after The Blast obtained Stormi's birth certificate, it has been revealed the new parents decided not to give their daughter a middle name.

"I think it's a coincidence".

The announcement and pregnancy footage ends the cycles of disappointment among fans who had expected a big reveal at several moments in the past six months.

Jenner was regularly called "pregnant" in the media and friends hinted at it in interviews, even though she didn't confirm she was, indeed, pregnant until after giving birth last weekend. "It's incredible. I feel very, very lucky". "She is so excited for this next chapter and can't wait to see what the future holds for her and her family".

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