Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Switch games can soon be bought with My Nintendo coins

Switch games can soon be bought with My Nintendo coins

Once the new Gold Points update rolls around, players can then use their collected Gold Points on an "eligible digital purchase" for the Switch, which includes "games and DLC" from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo's USA page reports.

According to the post linked in the tweet, you can earn Gold Points in My Nintendo by buying certain digital games on 3DS, Wii U, or Switch, or physical Switch games. Previously, these could only be redeemed on the My Nintendo website for a small selection of digital games, and discounts. Nintendo confirmed earned gold points will be valid for a year, so any points earned in February 2017 can be used up until February 2018.

According to the page, 1 gold point will be equal to €.1 Euro ($.12 USD) and to obtain them it will be necessary to buy content in the eShop. You can pay for some of the game or all of it with your Gold Coins.

If you're unfamiliar with the rewards program, you can sign up through this link, but if you have a Nintendo Account (most probably do) then you're good to go. Nintendo says more details are on the way, and once they're announced we'll be sure to present an update as well. The ability to use gold points to buy your games will be limited to Switch games, at least for now, but you'll finally have a use for any points you may have sitting around in your My Nintendo collection. The company also plans on distributing points to players who keep up to date with Nintendo news via email. Due to the Gold Points being a currency equivalent now, users with enough of them will be able to buy new games with them from the eShop with no added cost. In other words, if you earned some points today, those points will fall out of your balance if you don't use them by this time next year.

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