Published: Tue, February 20, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Burnout Paradise Remastered hits consoles in March

Burnout Paradise Remastered hits consoles in March

"We've given Burnout Paradise a complete graphics overhaul, with high-resolution textures and a range of technical enhancements created to deliver all the high-octane chaos with an nearly irresponsible level of visual fidelity", EA writes.

Burnout offered a ideal blend of slick racing and spectacular auto crashes, so when I heard the rumour that Burnout Paradise (arguably the best entry in the series) was headed to PS4 in March, I began to get excited.

Burnout: Paradise, a classic open-world racing game in which players could drive around with a roster of 150 cars in Paradise City and wreak havoc on both the public property and their own cars, is getting a remaster for PS4 and Xbox One on March 16th. Burnout Paradise celebrates its ten-year anniversary this week. A PC version is in the works which will bring Big Surf Island to the platform for the first time. But Electronic Arts soon moved Criterion Games over to work on the Need for Speed franchise, putting Burnout on the back burner.

Originally released in January 2008, Burnout Paradise gained critical acclaim for its open-world take on the popular series. A potential PC release has yet to be mentioned by EA nor Criterion. "With the release of this remaster, we're able to share this action-packed ride with a whole new generation of players", he said.

We reported on a rumor that Burnout Paradise was getting remade back in December of previous year and it looks like the rumor rang true. Rumours have flooded the media in the years following the game's release about a possible sequel, but no confirmation came.

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