Published: Thu, February 22, 2018
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Booth Is the Lead 'The Bachelorette' Needs for Season 14

Booth Is the Lead 'The Bachelorette' Needs for Season 14

Overall, the hometown date goes well, I think? But Kendall has a much more romantic view: "In a way, taxidermy is like a ideal relationship, because it's something that's going to last forever". She takes Arie to her taxidermy garage to look at her collection.

Now, Nielson said she's looking to moving on from the whole process.

But the date doesn't stop there.

Tia even paved the way for Arie to strut his stuff on a dirt racetrack so that he would come across as a vehicle racing conquering hero. Everyone else laughs. Then they all just stare at him.

Which hometown date are you the most excited about? Kendall later introduced Arie to her parents, her brother and twin sister, Kylie.

In the other room, Becca K. speaks with her mother about potentially getting engaged. Well, hell, you didn't know that before you flew all the way to Arkansas to meet the woman's family? Ugh.

Southern belle Tia Booth brought Arie Luyendyk Jr. home to Weiner, AR (yes, really) to meet her family. It nearly seems like an ode to the first group date when Tia kicked butt in the demolition derby.

Tia's brother gives Arie a hard time, but by the end of it, everyone gives Arie their blessing and some threats. I don't know. I've been broken by The Bachelor.

I'm sorry, that's all I remember from this week's Hometown Visits episode of The Ratchelor.

The most heartbreaking hometown went to Becca, who lost her father to a brain tumor. The same Kendall whose own family in Los Angeles said she isn't ready for marriage. I am so much more interested in her now.

Honestly, this was the most emotional part of the episode, and that's saying something because people had to watch taxidermy being mounted.

"I think it would be another learning and growing experience, and I'm all for that", she continued. "I could see why he might choose her, although I think he has a more private side to him than she has, and that's actually true of all of these women so far".

Lastly, Arie meets up with Lauren in Virginia Beach. Sure, Arie, sure. Along with Lauren B., this season of the reality dating competition is being called the worst ever, with fans and even past Bachelor contestants slamming Arie on social media. He said his biggest race was the Indy 500 and that he was approaching the same level of nervousness as that race. Later, Arie figured out a way to win over Lauren B's military dad by telling him a story about entertaining the troops in Iraq a decade ago. Her heartbreak forces him to re-examine his decision. Talk about being uncomfortable. "For instance in Tahoe, I was talking with Arie and he grabbed Tia's hand while having a conversation with me". She pressures him about the other relationships and doesn't fully give her blessing. "Thirty years from now, I don't want to say, 'Well, I turned that down because I was scared or nervous'". The women arrive in limos and await their fate.

That whole scene where Arie and Kendall stuffed, dressed and played with two dead rats in front of an audience of equally deceased mounted creatures would've creeped Hannibal Lecter out. Kylie is especially anxious when she finds out that Kendall gave no response when Arie told her he was falling for her, and says that she doesn't feel Kendall is "undeniably in love" with Arie.

"Kendall makes the least sense when it comes to a relationship with Arie", Tia said.

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