Published: Sun, February 25, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

Dunkin's latest coffee inspiration: Girl Scout Cookies

Dunkin's latest coffee inspiration: Girl Scout Cookies

If you ordered Girl Scout cookies they will be in your hands soon. Additionally, the flavors can be used in lattes, frozen coffees, macchiatos, and frozen chocolate.

Dunkin' isn't alone in wanting to wear the Girl Scouts badge. To find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you, visit or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, free on iOS and Android devices. Nestle has Coffee-Mate creamers based on Girl Scouts' Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel flavors, and other Girl Scouts-licensed lines include Breyer's ice creams and General Mills cereals.

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland is kicking off the next century of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, which not only teaches girls essential entrepreneurial skills but also offers awesome experiences for them.

"New Thin Mints flavored coffee features the classic cookie's combination of cool mint and decadent chocolate, while new Coconut Caramel flavored coffee treats guests to the taste of toasted coconut together with creamy caramel", the Canton-based company said in a release. While the Girls Scouts add new cookies and flavors, a few favorites always have a special place with fans.

Many people have bought cookies and donated them to the military, which makes Charity Joy, well, joyful. According to the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, more than 2.9 million boxes will be distributed to more than 2,300 groups over the weekend.

Though the increasingly warm weather is reason enough to rejoice, locals have another reason to be joyful: America's favorite cookies are back.

Now, they're coming to your coffee, courtesy of Dunkin' Donuts. Otherwise, you will have to wait till next year.

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