Published: Sun, February 25, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

President Trump Holds Press Conference With Australian Prime Minister

President Trump Holds Press Conference With Australian Prime Minister

Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since 1996 - 22 years ago.

Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy departed the USA for Canberra on Saturday (Sunday morning AEDT).

Mr Trump said the USA was "well on the way to solving that problem".

At the close of their remarks a reporter asked the US president if he'd come to Australia and he said that he would.

While the leaders agreed on continuing pressure on North Korea with sanctions, "merit based" immigration and dealings with China and Syria, they did differ on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and gun control.

"It's the way to go". "Today's strengthened by our common values and history, we're working together to promote our mutual interests". "In that sense, we're going to hopefully follow in your footprints".

Turnbull complimented the president on the new tax law, and the benefits to American workers.

"We believe we have made a very compelling case, but obviously the administration has to finalise its decision in this area", Mr Turnbull said.

Turnbull said some corporate taxes in Australia have been cut, "but we've got more work to do".

During his time in Washington, his deputy prime minister resigned after successive scandals over sexual harassment, his citizenship and a threat to euthanize dogs belonging to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

"You have an amendment to your Constitution which deals with gun ownership, we'll focus on our own political arguments and debates and wish you wise deliberation in your own". It produces more investment.

US-Australian cooperation on such projects, the release added, "can open new worlds of technological development using materials that are lighter, more versatile, or more conductive to open up new manufacturing opportunities, in defense and aerospace, information technology, telecommunications, energy and medicine".

The White House press pool noted 15 seconds of silence with no interaction between the Turnbulls or Trumps as the media watched on.

Trump said the ship will symbolize the "enduring friendship" between the USA and Australia as it sails the open sea.

With the visit conducted under the banner of "100 years of mateship" between Australia and the US, Mr Trump announced that one of the new Littoral Combat navy ships being built for the US Navy by WA shipbuilder Austal would be named the USS Canberra.

"What a great example of a hundred years of mateship", he said, referring to when the US and Australia first fought together in World War I.

Mr Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met the prime minister and wife Lucy Turnbull at the White House on Friday.

Trump had campaigned against immigration, including by Muslims, and disliked the deal, which was arranged by Barack Obama.

First, there is the message that Australia has stood by the United States in every war for the last century.

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