Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Far Cry Arcade Is Far Cry 5's Map Editor, Looks Bananas

Far Cry Arcade Is Far Cry 5's Map Editor, Looks Bananas

Far Cry seems to be flexible enough that it can adopt more or less any guise you can throw at it.

" is a weird, mind-bending mission in which you must escape some sort of prison or maze, while the other is a stealth-based find-and-kill level that contains a nod to James Bond."
Like other maps, this one offered a creator-set selection of loadouts geared for stealth, sniping, or assault, and the ATVs and technical trucks at either end were a chance to pile in and rush the enemy team slightly more effectively than if we'd been on foot.

Far Cry 5 will contain cosmetic microtransactions but will not feature loot boxes.

"In previous Far Cry games we had the in game editor, and the community could build their own maps using Far Cry assets and create outposts and then they could share that online so people could download and play it", said producer Darryl Long. But that's far from being all, as the company will also make available to all players a really detailed map editor under the name of Far Cry Arcade, which allows players to design and create their own insane version of a Far Cry scenario.

Hours of Darkness thrusts you into the heart of the Vietnam war. And, finally, Dead Living Zombies sees you and a friend take on waves of zombies in seven different scenarios, Call of Duty style.

In Lost on Mars, players are sent to a futuristic version of the red planet. More objects will be added in six separate updates after release. Scattered throughout Hope County are olde timey Far Cry coin-operated machines that serve as an access to multiplayer team deathmatches and unique challenge maps for single player. You can purchase them all via the game's Season Pass.

While we know Far Cry 5 is launching on March 27th, we don't know when its various DLC pieces will be dropping.

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