Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Pricing and Specifications Announced for New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Range

Pricing and Specifications Announced for New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Range

The 0-100 km/h (62 mph) zap time is, in this case, of 3.4 seconds while top speed resides at 310 km/h (193 mph). The system also includes a 48-volt battery to store energy and a converter to power a network for the conventional 12-volt accessories. Just to re-iterate, these are four door coupes and can seat 4/5 people.

The most powerful version of AMG's four-door coupe will use the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine, producing in that case 630hp (639PS) and 663lb-ft (900Nm) of peak torque.

Still to come, at least we expect so, is the 800bhp hybrid GT 4D, but for now you'll be limited to just the two V8s in the United Kingdom when the AMG GT four-door goes on sale in the summer. The top speed is a confirmed 195mph for the 63 S, 193mph for the 63, and 174mph for the 53. The new coupe will have rear-wheel steering, six or eight caliper brakes, and as with other AMG models, ceramic stoppers will be available as an option. Tucked in between the engine and the AMG Speedshift nine-speed automatic, it arrives with another 21 hp (16 Kw) with 184 pound-feet (249 Newton-meters) of torque.

But it wouldn't be an AMG model without some extra sports focus, and the 4-door includes a limited-slip differential on the rear axle, active rear-wheel steering and a high-performance braking system. So when the claim that the four-door GT "offers more space and greater versatility" is made, it's hard to see why someone looking for those traits wouldn't just opt for something like the excellent E63 S estate. High-performance ceramic brakes are available for the V-8 models. It adds latches in the front bumper, wider side skirts and a modified rear bumper.

Inside, the GT 4-Door resembles the original two-seater, but there are some updates, including the modified "V8 design" center console.

Mercedes-AMG has finally stopped the teasing and revealed its much-awaited high-performance four-door supercar. This highly interactive system, which features Alexa-style voice assistant features, will show up first on the next-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class before rolling out across the rest of the maker's line-up.

A range of three variants was announced, including an entry-level six-cylinder GT53 and two V8 versions, called the GT63 and GT63S. And there's an optional "Energizing" comfort control that uses things like the climate control, seats and ambient lighting to either relax or refresh the driver.

As an option, buyers can order the new model with the additional AMG package. If you're particularly concerned about the latter, the GT 53 is the one for you.

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