Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Cynthia Nixon may run for NY governor

Cynthia Nixon may run for NY governor

While she hasn't officially declared her candidacy, and a spokesperson said no final decisions have been made, sources say Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers (veterans of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's first campaign) are expected to be involved.

In August, the actress better known for her role as strong-willed lawyer Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City than politics was thrown into the mix of candidates to run against NY state's current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, in 2018. and now, new details prove this may actually happen.

A spokeswoman for Nixon told told Variety on Tuesday that she will "continue to explore" her options, citing the "many concerned New Yorkers" who have encouraged her to run.

Nixon has been weighing a Democratic primary run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo in September, and a report Tuesday suggested she is laying the groundwork for a run.

The actress said in a backstage interview after her performance in the one-woman play, "In the Body of the World", that she'd consider running for governor one day.

Ms. Nixon's Instagram feed has showed her making visits in 2018 across NY, including in Montauk, Skaneateles and Binghamton.

If Nixon were to run and win, she would make history two times over, as the state's first openly bisexual and first female governor.

"In this business you can't let these things bother you, otherwise you won't last long", Cuomo said. Nixon, 51, has been fairly active in NY politics for years.

Nixon has also been critical of Cuomo. When asked about those rumors back in August on the Today show, she laughed and said she had heard them too, before launching into what sounded like campaign rhetoric about the spending disparity in New York's public schools.

He also downplayed questions about Nixon using consultants tied to de Blasio, his frequent political foe. Ms. Nixon was a regular presence on the campaign trail for Blasio in 2013, and Ms. Nixon's wife, Christine Marinoni, works in the de Blasio administration.

While Nixon is an acclaimed actress, who holds an Emmy, a Grammy, and a Tony award, she has not held a political office position before.

De Blasio's office didn't immediately comment.

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