Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
Medical | By Vernon Walton

Sunshine State: Florida seeks all-year daylight saving time

Sunshine State: Florida seeks all-year daylight saving time

Move your clocks one hour ahead before going to bed on Saturday.

But before you get out the golf clubs or fire up the grill, consider the complications of a permanent move away from standard time.

Get plenty of light in the morning: The light-dark cycle provides important information to our internal body clock.

The company has been developing lights that automatically dim themselves based on the time of day, and which shift from a bluer light during day-time to a more orange light at night. She jokes that I'll be late for my own funeral.

He said, "I want to know what proponents are out there saying this is wrong".

By overwhelming, bipartisan majorities, the normally fractious Senate and House agreed this week to make Florida the first in the nation to adopt year-round daylight saving time statewide.

People living in Arizona, Hawaii and the USA territories get along just fine without submitting to the bullying of "springing forward" and "falling back".

As the days become longer more children, pedestrians, joggers, walkers and bicyclists will likely be more active outdoors and during peak travel times. Perhaps William Willet, the British builder often considered the modern-day founder of daylight saving time, was on to something when he wrote "The Waste of Daylight" in 1907.

Energy savings: The DOT says people more spend time outside in the evenings during DST, meaning less energy is used at home.

So as Chu bemoans another lost hour of sleep this weekend, he carries on with his quest. Love it, in fact.

We reached out to Leutheuser and have not gotten a response yet.

State Sen. Greg Steube, who sponsored the bill, said that the idea of year-round daylight time has enormous support among Floridians. Why, in the fall, should we have to lurch backward?

Before the end of this month we're putting them forward, blasting ourselves and the concept of time a whole hour into the future. We make it worse, though, by shifting our clocks so that in December and January, the streetlights are already on when we're walking out of the office.

From early November until early March, when it's noon in Eastern cities like Atlanta, Washington, New York, Boston and Moose River, Maine, it would be 1 pm in most of Florida, possibly causing confusion.

Let's be honest: With the advent of personal computers and smartphones, the burden of Daylight Saving Time is not as heavy as it once was.

There have been studies on whether it actually saves much energy, the effect it has on your health, and statewide commissions on whether to change it.

Granted, they'll have to convince the federal government to go along with their proposal, seeing as how Congress and the Transportation Department control time zones and time changes.

"I've talked to so many people who say these few hours are the only time they really have to play with their kids outside, or go for a bike ride, or grab a coffee with friends", Feathers said in a statement Friday.

States that came around: In the past, Alaska, Michigan and In did not observe the time change.

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