Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Woman finds toddler locked iPhone for 47 years

Woman finds toddler locked iPhone for 47 years

She said she was wary of rebooting her phone because she is afraid of losing all of her photos and contacts.

A technician at an Apple Store in Shanghai told Lu she had two options: do a factory reset on her iPhone and lose all her files or wait the 47 years until she can use it again. When she returned, her phone was locked for 25,113,676 minutes-about 47 years and nine months, according to, who identified the woman only as Miss Lu of Jiading, a Shanghai suburb.

The Monitor Report 2018 covers children and their media, TV viewing, music, reading, cinema, children's equipment, money, purchasing, sports & activities, health & well-being and social awareness.

It found that they spend 2.6 hours a day watching programmes, video and short clips, compared to 2.5 hours past year.

The phone was given to the child to watch educational videos online.

YouTube remains the top way of watching on-demand content.

This has dropped over the last three years and is down from 2.9 hours last year.

"There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system", he said.

"We already witnessed a number of cases, in which the phones have been locked for over 80 years by the same method", Chunlong added.

As a matter of fact, this unfortunate incident could happen to any Apple device.

While we'd probably go a different route, the mum has chose to wait it out, and two months later is reportedly still locked in a battle of the wills with her locked phone. Well, Apple locks the phone for exponentially longer times depending on the number of wrong password entries.

The iOS device becomes "disabled" after six concurrent incorrect PIN attempts, but also has a feature to delete the phone's data after 10 incorrect attempts. Because they won't like you not handing over your phone whenever they want.

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