Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Hearthstone's next expansion sees players enter The Witchwood

Hearthstone's next expansion sees players enter The Witchwood

Fans of Blizzard Entertainment's hit digital card game, Hearthstone, will be excited to hear that a brand new expansion will be coming this April. The twisted beings of The Witchwood set upon the city but King Genn Greymane and his city of wolf beasts known as Worgen are fighting back and in the expansion players are set to join them.

It's been a while since we've seen a new addition to the Hearthstone universe, but we figured it would only be a matter of time before Blizzard brought something new to the party. The first is Echo, which causes some cards to create replicas in your hand once played. When an Echo card is played, you can keep playing as many copies of that card as you like that turn, provided you have enough mana. That works like a modified Charge, letting minions attack other minions - but not the opposing hero - right away.

"Echo cards can be played multiple times on the turn you play them".

That will no doubt change the current meta in pretty big ways as cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansions make their way to Wild and out of Standard rotation.

The expansion will also bring a new single-player adventure, called Monster Hunt. They'll have to survive eight increasingly hard brawls in order to face the boss fight that waits for them in the heart of the wood. A half-dozen cards are available to peruse on the official website, but the vast majority are left to reveal. The new expansion is set to be released sometime in April next month, with spoilers beginning on 26 March.

With hundreds of cards to choose from, featuring a wide range of colorful Warcraft spells, weapons, and characters, players will have limitless possibilities for developing and fine-tuning their deck-building strategies.

The Witchwood adds 135 new cards, and the pre-purchase offer includes 20 bonus packs, for a total of 70 card packs when buying in, in addition to a new card back. Then, further along in the hunt, players can add special cards to the deck that empowers the player's hero power.

Blizzard has just announced a new Hearthstone expansion, which looks like a gamechanger.

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