Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Switch Parental Controls app has been updated; mentions Switch firmware v5.0

Switch Parental Controls app has been updated; mentions Switch firmware v5.0

It would appear that Nintendo will soon release Nintendo Switch system update 5.0.0 after it was mentioned in a new update to the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app. Now the real firmware 5.0.0 is here and its a rather boring update with no major new features. This time, it appears to be either a leak or an unintentional mistake by Nintendo where they accidentally listed a different firmware update in the patch notes.

Early January Nintendo Switch fans were super excited about the firmware 5.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch.

As outlined on Nintendo's official support site, the update has added Facebook and Twitter Friend Suggestions, which suggests friends to add based on the Facebook and Twitter accounts linked to your Nintendo Account.

Other changes to Parental Controls have been implemented as well. Instead of the on-screen number pad, users will now enter their PIN using the Control Stick and buttons, by default.

If the speculations are right then Nintendo might be preparing to roll out Nintendo Switch firmware Update 5.0.0 in near future. Adult users can also whitelist certain games to be allowed regardless of their Switch's rating settings, and captured videos will now be only viewable if the game's rating falls within the Switch's parental control restrictions.

You can now choose to lock this app. When a bedtime alarm is set, play will be restricted from the set time until 06:00 the following day.

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