Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Katy Perry shows off freaky hidden talent on 'American Idol' debut

Katy Perry shows off freaky hidden talent on 'American Idol' debut

There was bad blood when Fox ended American Idol two years ago, and the Simpson interview was seen as Fox's attempt to prevent a fast start for ABC. His audition was touching and his story was inspiring, but his music style was basically an imitation. "I found out early on that I'm the adult in the room", Richie says. After a two-year absence, the competitive singing reality show returns on a new network, ABC, with new judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Katy Perry revealed a top secret and freakishly impressive talent on a sneak peek at the upcoming season of "American Idol". Lionel: "You have that storyteller voice, it's the best thing, we need you on this show".

Perry demonstrated her skill to her fellow judges by protruding her mouth and neck in the manner of a frog. "They all looked like lovely models standing right in front of me". "It's disgusting", she said. She seems to be screaming more than singing. "Your journey is what this shows about - American dreams", Luke told the contestant before he learned he'd be going to Hollywood.

Time for an all new American Idol with our three new judges; Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryant joining our beloved regular host, Ryan Seacrest. Lionel changes his vote and sends him to Hollywood! Dare we say, her handling of Sinatra like-crooner Zach D'onofrio would have given Harry Connick Jr. a run for his money.

Most of the young aspiring singers auditioning for American Idol Season 16 were born and raised in America. But I'm very cut-and-dried and get straight to the point ... She's not mean, but she does tell it like it is.

Richie also said their key to success is being themselves and going to bat for the contestants they truly believe have a future in the industry. "Who's Loving You" by the Jackson 5.

Another difference in the 2018 panel: instead of saying "no", these judges opt for, "not yet". With NBC's The Voice reigning supreme right now, the idea of bringing back Idol was risky, but it might pay off if it can lose just a bit of the cheesiness and focus on the competition at hand. But, for those who are fans of the classic history of the show, Sunday night's (Mar. 11) reboot premiere made it nearly seem like the beloved series never went away. Who else are you looking forward to seeing in future rounds?

Maddie Poppe is next, she is 19 years old from Clarksville, IA and a college student.

I have to say, I expected to see something new with this resurrection of American Idol. She gets through to Hollywood.

In the not-ready-to-advance department is Brandon Cruz, who got a cashier job to meet girls. In the first episode, Perry calms the nerves of a teenage contestant by granting him his first kiss.

Luke is a yes, he thinks he needs work and is willing to give him a chance.

"I started playing piano and started writing a song - my first song was about shampoo and conditioner - then my grandma bought me a guitar right after that, and I fell in love with country music", she said. She stated that, "I'm very cut and dry sometimes".

The head-scratching moments didn't stop there.

Sardor Milano, a supermarket employee, is 26 years old from Orlando.

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