Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
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'Tomb Raider' review: Vast improvement over the Angelina Jolie original

'Tomb Raider' review: Vast improvement over the Angelina Jolie original

Speaking with Alicia and Walton at the junket for the movie, she explained the importance of playing a strong female character like Lara; Walton attested that he was raised by strong women, and it made him proud to be a part of the movie. There's nothing sexy about that.

Will Shadow of the Tomb Raider release on PC?: Yes, just like the previous Tomb Raider games, players can pick up Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Steam.

The review embargo for Tomb Raider has been lifted and many critics had a chance to write their opinion of it. Stop thinking Indiana Jones, start thinking Jason Bourne - but as well as battling sinister human forces out to destroy the world, throw in epic, edge-of-your seat battles against the epic forces of nature. Though Vikander recovers from injuries remarkably quickly, she "is the element here that makes Tomb Raider sort of watchable", McCarthy added.

Academy-Award winning actor Alicia Vikander is inhabiting the role now which is adapted from the Crystal Dynamics 2013 Tomb Raider video game reboot. (The latter sequence is, I will admit, a nice little nail-biter.) Vikander doesn't have much to play, script-wise, but she makes a tough, appealing action star; clearly nothing can kill Lara Croft, including the late subterranean arrival of what I described in my notes by the highly technical term of "weird rolling blade thingies". Once the film heads into the second act we see the action set pieces ramp up and they are all fairly impressive with a couple of highlights. Sure, it belongs to an ancient Japanese Queen who was known to possess supernatural powers that involved killing anyone she touched, but why that would prompt a basic British businessman like Lara's father to abandon his young child is beyond me.

But even as the Golden Age of Comic Book Filmmaking refuses to let up, video game enthusiasts have been crushed year after year by the great Hollywood machine. Directed by Roar Uthaug, the film is very much so Batman Begins for Lara Croft as it follows her on an adventure that ultimately transforms her into the tomb raider she's meant to be.

The disappearance of Lara's father really drives a lot of this movie.

"What's really important is that you feel Lara Croft as a real character", Uthaug said. "I don't think she sees herself as a heroine, she sees herself as a person making her way in the world, certainly in this story". Of course, I knew how Angelina Jolie looked as the character. The legend states she was buried alive on a hidden island that Croft was determined to find.

The spark and personality Vikander shows early on when just hanging with her cycling crew disappears when she starts endlessly jumping, punching and kicking in a tank top and cargo trousers. She's incredibly intelligent and resourceful but expectedly inexperienced. That's a word you can apply to more or less the whole movie.

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