Published: Tue, March 27, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Apple opens education-focused event in Chicago

Apple opens education-focused event in Chicago

Tech companies are battling for dominance in USA schools with affordable devices and laptops that are geared towards classroom use and seen as a way to hook young consumers.

An even-lower priced iPad could help Apple teach Google a lesson. But laptops running operating systems by Alphabet Inc's Google or Microsoft Corp can be had for less than US$200. Previously, the basic iPad started at $500, but the addition of the iPad Pro line threw Apple's lineup into a bit of confusion. The iPhone maker typically holds events in its home state of California, but opted to use Lane Tech College Prep High School as the venue for its latest keynote. Meanwhile 60 percent of mobile computing shipments to schools ran Google's Chrome operating system, and 22 percent had Windows.

Chromebooks sold by Dell Technologies Inc can be had for as little as US$189.

Google has emerged as the education leader in the USA market, thanks largely to laptop computers running on its Chrome software. Apple is expected to announce a new iPad with a lower price tag and possibly a cheaper Pencil alongside it.

Apple is trying to regain ground lost to rivals Google and Microsoft during the past few years.

Last year, the market generated more than $17 billion. "It's more strategic than financial", he said.

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