Published: Fri, March 30, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

Japan-North Korea summit may be held this June - newspaper

Japan-North Korea summit may be held this June - newspaper

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, responding to a question Thursday about reports of such talks, said Japan has all along communicated with North Korea via multiple channels.

In another tweet, he said: "Received message last night from XI JINPING of China that his meeting with KIM JONG UN went very well and that KIM looks forward to his meeting with me".

A Chongryon spokesman in Tokyo declined to comment on the Asahi report.

The newspaper, in an article from Seoul, said the Kim government had explained its bilateral diplomatic plans for South Korea, the United States, China, Japan and Russian Federation.

The North Korean briefing papers cite the possibility of a Japan summit in early June, the Asahi said.

Among the discussions will be the next steps in the Quadrilateral engagement between India-Japan-US-Australia, a project initiated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2007, which was revived in 2017, with a meeting of officials of all four countries.

Kim met President Xi Jinping in China this week, his first trip overseas since taking over as North Korean leader in 2011.

North Korea has agreed to summit talks with South Korea in late April, and is also moving to arrange a meeting between Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump by the end of May. The two sides are meeting for the ninth India-Japan Strategic Dialogue, instituted in 2007 as an annual dialogue held alternately in Delhi and Tokyo.

Trump's decision to meet Kim has sparked concern in Japan that its security concerns might be ignored. Bilateral relations have been strengthened in diverse sectors in recent years, the MEA added.

North Korea admitted in 2002 it had kidnapped 13 Japanese in the 1970s and 1980s to train spies, and five of them returned to Japan.

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