Published: Tue, April 03, 2018
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N Korean leader 'moved' by S Korean show in Pyongyang

N Korean leader 'moved' by S Korean show in Pyongyang

Elsewhere, a joint military exercise involving USA and South Korean troops got underway in South Korea on Sunday, local media reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended in Pyongyang on Sunday a South Korean K-pop concert, the first in more than a decade as tensions between the old rivals thaw. April 25 is when the regime celebrates Kim Il Sung's establishment of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in 1932 to fight Japanese colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula.

There have been increasingly positive relations between the two countries in recent months, as leadership delegations from both countries were publicly amicable towards each other at the Olympics.

Graham said he would be skeptical about the terms and conditions of the summit, but he does hope the president will meet with the North Korean leader.

Eleven groups from South Korea took to the stage Sunday night, performing an eclectic mix of K-pop and ballads from the 1980s through the present day.

It kicked off with a performance by jazz pianist Kim Kwang Min, along with a hologram that depicted the theme. It was all part of a reciprocal cultural visit since North Korea sent performers in February to its southern neighbor.

Joy, one of the five members, would miss the trip to Pyongyang due to her TV drama shooting schedule, their agency has said.

Next on the agenda for Kim, Lee said, would be to hold more meetings with key world leaders - including Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin - in an effort to lend further credibility to his rule.

Members of K-pop girl band Red Velvet before departing for Pyongyang from Seoul, South Korea, March 31, 2018.

"Spring is coming" was the title of Sunday's concert.

A second concert with the same South Korean line-up is scheduled to be held this afternoon at the Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium in Pyongyang, which will include joint performances with North Korean artists.

Seohyeon sang for the last part of the individual performances.

A South Korean artistic group, including some pop legends and the popular girl band Red Velvet, flew to Pyongyang over the weekend for two performances in the North Korean capital, one on Sunday and the other on Tuesday.

After a similar attempt at K-pop diplomacy received a frosty reception 15 years ago, Red Velvet's members expressed surprise at the welcome they received from the North Korean spectators, who waved their hands and sang along to the songs. He even took a photo with them after their performance.

Full video of the performance wasn't immediately available. Smuggled across the border on USB sticks and bootleg DVDs, K-pop has spread widely among the families of North Korea's political elite, Kang said. Kim praised the group, who has more than 4.6 million Instagram followers, for their wonderful performance as well as asked the art troupe, which consists of 160 members from different entertainment field, to extend his appreciation to South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a wonderful concert.

Kim was joined by his wife as they watched some of the biggest names in the South's entertainment industry at the 1,500-capacity East Pyongyang Grand Theater.

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