Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

NFL Player May Have Helped Prevent School Shooting

NFL Player May Have Helped Prevent School Shooting

The Patriot receiver, who was out all a year ago with a busted knee, was alerted to the troubling comment on his Instagram account last month, the New York Times reported.

The report details how late in March, an astute and ultimately heroic Instagram user direct-messaged Edelman to suggest that he contact authorities in relation to another user who'd left a message in his comment thread in which he said he planned to "shoot my school up" and to "watch the news". Per the report, the authorities managed to gain special access to determine the sender's IP address, which they traced to Port Huron, Michigan. They also found two rifles that belonged to his mother, according to Capt. Joseph Platzer of the Port Huron Police Department.

Per Belson, Edelman thought about the Stoneman Douglas High school shooting in Parkland, Florida in February - where Nicholas Cruz shot and killed 17 people and left another 17 injured.

Edelman, who helped the Patriots to two Super Bowl titles in three years before missing the 2017 National Football League season with a torn ACL, alerted his assistant, Shannen Moen.

The detectives notified authorities in MI, who quickly drove to the house where the threat was posted from. The cop looked at the screenshot and then called her chief, who sent two detectives to Moen's house in Boston. "Our on-duty supervisors immediately started looking into the information that was provided", said Capt. Joe Platzer of the Port Huron Police Department in MI. "All of us, including players, are learning together to take these kinds of things very seriously". Thankfully, this fan and Edelman were able to put the breaks on what could have been another national disaster. "Like we tell everybody, if you see something, if you hear something, say something". "He's the real hero".

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