Published: Sun, April 08, 2018
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Prince Charles dismisses personal toilet seat rumour as 'crap'

Prince Charles dismisses personal toilet seat rumour as 'crap'

Prince Charles, now visiting Australia with his wife Duchess Camilla, has been forced to address suggestions that he carries his own toilet seat everywhere he travels, a rumour started in yet another unauthorised biography about the heir to the throne, set to be released in ahead of the Prince's 70th birthday in November this year. "Oh, don't believe all that cr*p". "It's one hell of a journey for a very short space of time but the Duchess loves Australia and the people so she is really looking forward to it, even though she doesn't relish the flying".

Prince Charles used a flawless choice of words to dispel an ongoing toilet-related rumour.

The host turned to Camilla to confirm the prince's claims, asking, "So he doesn't carry his own toilet seat when he travels?"

The recently resurfaced rumor stems from an anecdote in Tom Bower's new royal biography, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales has pooh-poohed the rumour he takes his own personal toilet seat with him on overseas trips, telling interviewers in Australia: "Don't believe all that crap".

Games organisers insisted that the duchess was not bored by the three-hour opening ceremony after it left her "shattered" and needing "to go to sleep".

The tour comes as Australia is debating having a local head-of-state after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

They arrived in Brisbane city under a gray sky that threatened rain on the heir to the British throne's 16th visit to Australia.

As well as opening the Commonwealth Games, Charles and Camilla have also been visiting the beaches of Gold Coast and attending meetings with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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