Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Trump's TPP Talk Gets A Tepid Response Abroad

Trump's TPP Talk Gets A Tepid Response Abroad

"I'm concerned that some USA positions around labor standards, environmental standards and intellectual property protections, we may not get as much as we want in the agreement now if we would have if we stayed in the negotiations and not be seen as a fickle partner", Bauerle-Danzman says.

Just months after his decision to withdraw the United States from the sweeping trade agreement - a move he made in 2017 during his first week in office - Trump this week directed his top trade and economic advisers to take another look at TPP. He argued that the deals were terribly negotiated, ripping off the USA and hurting American workers and manufacturing. Though, in January, he seemed to be more willing to abruptly reverse his stance on an agreement he once called a "rape of our country". Eswar Prasad, a trade expert at Cornell University, said it was hard to imagine that the United States would be "welcomed with open arms" by the current members or have much leverage in reshaping the deal.

There are few differences between the TPP the US signed and the CPTPP. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., was among a handful of senators who recently visited China to meet with government and business leaders there.

"I have to believe President Xi [Jinping] is smiling all the way to regional domination as a result of our pulling out of TPP".

Ministers from Japan, Australia and Malaysia had welcomed President Donald Trump directing officials to explore returning to the TPP, but they also cautioned against making any significant changes.

Members of Congress and governors from agriculture states met with the president for over an hour at the White House, leaving feeling confident that he wanted to re-enter the trade agreement.

The risk of an escalating trade war with China has panicked American farmers and ranchers, who send many of their products overseas. "The US position is much weaker now".

The reconsideration of TPP comes after the White House and Mr. Trump announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and specifically tariffs that will impact China. A trade war with China could be particularly devastating to rural economies, especially for pig farmers and soybean and corn growers.

But the way Trump is bragging about low unemployment and the high stock market, you might think he took the stock market from the 7,000 range to the low 20,000 range, at last count.

But such a program would be time-consuming and costly and would come as the budget deficit continues to increase.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is created to open up free trade between the countries involved, making them less reliant on China.

Earlier in the day, Nebraska Sen. Larry Kudlow, Trump's new economic advisor, told times in a statement that "this whole trade thing has exploded".

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who also attended the meeting, said afterwards that she had urged the President to reconsider negotiating the TPP because of concerns by constituents about the tariffs.

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