Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

Apple Wants to Disrupt the News Business with a Subscription Service

Apple Wants to Disrupt the News Business with a Subscription Service

If Apple charges a few dollars per month versus the current $9.99 cost for Apple Music or Texture as it exists today, the company could boost subscription numbers, he said.

Apple is planning some paid news thing, according to Bloomberg report - though it's unclear if that'll simply be a rebrand of the Texture digital magazine subscription service that Apple acquired in March, or something that includes news sources beyond magazines. The remaining Texture employees are now part of the Apple News team. Seeing as how the company managed to take less than a million people who had subscribed to Beats Music and turn them into 40 million Apple Music listeners, it's not like they have no experience convincing people to hand over a bit of money every month.

Ready to pay for Apple News?

The Cupertino company now offers access to a variety of news services through its Apple News app, however, many of these require individual subscriptions. It also featured a major redesign in between the process, streamlining with the rest of the operating system. The service will reportedly be integrated in the updated version of the Apple News app, which is believed to launch sometime in 2019.

Apple previously had a dedicated news app called Newsstand, which allowed users to subscribe to magazines and newspapers individually. Under most circumstances, stories only rarely appear with price tags of any sort, and then, they tend to be niche articles from specific publishers with individual subscription-based paywalls. What are your thoughts on the matter? The idea was to create a unified product that could stave off the big tech companies - more Hulu for magazines than Netflix for magazines. Share your views with us in the comments.

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