Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Sega Ages fills the Nintendo Switch with Sega classics this summer

Sega Ages fills the Nintendo Switch with Sega classics this summer

"Sega Ages, the original series that brought classic games to modern consoles, is being rebooted for Nintendo Switch". Mega Drive Mini will be released first in Japan and then in the United States and other regions. The company announced that its "Sega Ages" line of retro game revivals from the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive), Master System and arcade eras would be headed for Nintendo's portable console.

Still, we're interested in seeing which classic Sega games come to Switch via the Sega Ages brand.

"We will extend this initiative to the Saturn and Dreamcast with your continued support", he is quoted as telling the crowd at Sega Fes 2018. Since then no console has been released by sega until the announcement of Mega Drive Mini.

The new device is similar to the NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition consoles from Nintendo, which contain sets of classic games.

Which games do you want to see on the Sega Mega Drive Mini? Sega has been out of the gaming hardware market since 2001, but back when I was in school the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega was possibly the single largest social force within my peer group. AtGames is the company responsible for the Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis Flashback mini-consoles. Past year a company called AtGames released the SEGA Genesis Flashback console, which received some rather scathing reviews from critics.

Dubbed "Sega Ages", the lineup of retro titles is being developed by M2, which is the same team that handled Sega 3D Classics on the 3DS.

Details on the aptly named Mega Drive Mini are fairly scant. The Register would be more than happy to be surprised by an entirely new and fresh console, however.

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