Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

IRS giving taxpayers one extra day to file taxes

IRS giving taxpayers one extra day to file taxes

Kautter said taxpayers can continue to prepare their tax returns and submit them online as the IRS works to diagnose the problem. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described it as a "high-volume technical issue".

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue says its computer systems were functioning properly throughout the IRS outage. Taxpayers now have until midnight Wednesday to file their returns or extension requests and pay their taxes.

Lawmakers pressed the IRS to accommodate taxpayers who struggled to make payments or file returns due to the agency's malfunctioning systems. Taxpayers don't need to do anything to receive the extra time.

The IRS did not have an immediate explanation for the failure. Both said they would hold on to customer tax returns and file after the IRS system reopened. Taxpayers using paper to file and pay their taxes also weren't affected.

In a statement, the IRS announced it is giving taxpayers an additional day to file and pay their taxes after technical issues on the agency's website made it impossible for people to view their tax record or make payments for much of the day on Tuesday. "Why haven't you provided any helpful information to taxpayers to help them understand their alternate options?"

The problem started early Tuesday when the "Direct Pay" option on the IRS's website went offline, creating panic among those who had waited until the last minute to file their taxes.

Kudlow said he wasn't aware of the nature of the issue, but said: "The IRS'll straighten it out".

"They're trying to file electronically, and we can't accept them electronically".

Acting Commissioner David Kautter acknowledged the issue Tuesday morning during a House Oversight Committee hearing. One of the officials said it appeared the system crashed due to large numbers of people filing. That's not all. Tax preparers say the e-filing system wasn't working either. "Oh, government, you fool", one user tweeted.

The page was operational again as of 5:05 p.m. ET on April 17 - Tax Day - after being unavailable for most of the day.

A message on the website about the outage indicates the agency still expects Americans to pay their taxes on time. Quarterly taxpayers were advised, though, that their payments still needed to be sent through the other acceptable payment methods, which included credit and debit cards that incur costly convenience fees.

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