Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
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Paul Pogba reveals why United know they can beat Arsenal

Paul Pogba reveals why United know they can beat Arsenal

Wenger said: 'Yes I met Martin Edwards.

Mourinho has greeted Wenger's announcement warmly and even suggested they could "even be friends in the future". I say goodbye to everyone.

Ferguson changed his mind and would stay for another 11 years while Wenger said at the time Arsenal's "values" meant he would never have accepted the job anyway.

"It is very hard to keep it calm and quiet, but over the distance the respect always takes over".

Here is all you need to know ahead of Sunday's meeting in Manchester.

"It's unusual for me to see him in a different shirt because he had a strong bond with the club and of course he was here for a few years", Wenger told the club's official website.

Wenger had not got the better of Mourinho in a competitive fixture until Arsenal beat United 2-0 at the end of last season.

Mourinho in his reaction to his dugout relationship with Wenger said he is keen to avoid a final ruck, and admitted that he has regrets over his bust-ups with Wenger.

"Between 1998 and 2005 it was an intense rivalry and the main rivalry was between the two clubs", he added. Many people came to see me but I was always loyal to my club.

"In the build-up to a game and after a game everything was absolutely tense".

The romantics would possibly have Arsenal win and have the curtain fall on what has been a labour of love - and indeed much woe in recent years - for Wenger in Manchester for over 20 years.

And while he was not happy with the situation at the time, he admits he can now find humour in the picture. "Actually, I don't even know who's a journalist and who isn't anymore, because nowadays anyone can be a journalist".

Eric Bailly has disclosed that Manchester United are focused on getting the maximum points when they face Arsenal in Sunday's Premier League encounter. He should leave me with a little bit of peace for my final weeks and not try and push me into a final confrontation.

He said: 'When I look back now I realise what a great team they were.

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