Published: Tue, May 01, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Michelle Wolf doubles down on controversial performance

Michelle Wolf doubles down on controversial performance

All sorts of critics have weighed in.

Wolf also got support from many in Hollywood.

Wolf was praised for her performance by fellow comedians and writers, including The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani and The New Yorker's Emily Nassbaum.

That said, Wolf didn't expect the routine to be quite so divisive - but she doesn't mind that it was.

"For the record, I was in the room last night".

Wolf, the after-dinner entertainment for the White House press corps and their guests, was surprisingly racy for the venue and seemed more at home on HBO than C-SPAN. She "bombed", he said, and proposed that next year, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld host the dinner.

Wolf got particular heat for jokes she cracked about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Trump joined in the criticism. Did Michelle Wolf go too far with her jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Rather than a third-rate comedian, the host might be The Washington Post's Jason Rezaian, who was held captive in Iran from July 2014 to January 2016; the parents of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter beheaded by Islamist terrorists; or members of the punk-feminist band Pussy Riot, who were imprisoned by Russian Federation.

"I made fun of Mitch McConnell's neck and I did a small jab at Chris Christie's weight and no one is jumping to their defense", she said.

Media freedom isn't a joke these days, and if the media does not take it seriously, who will?

The Break host has many of her peers in her corner.

As for the people who actually invited Wolf to speak?

According to an online statement by WHCA President Margaret Talev announcing Wolf's performance, the dinner is an annual event to meant to "honor the First Amendment and strong, independent journalism".

Trump regularly lobs sharp attacks at the news media.

Wolf told Gross that his absence affected her approach on stage.

Several reporters, ex-Trump administration members and conservative commentators argued Wolf crossed a line, particularly in her comments about Sanders.

But now? Things have changed.

After starting her career working at Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Chase, Wolf made her late-night comedy debut in July 2014 on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "This was a total disaster and an embarrassment to our great Country and all that it stands for".

"Mr. Trump used his national and global audience of millions of people to make a false factual statement to denigrate and attack Ms. Clifford", it said.

Wolf has defended herself on Twitter against charges that she mocked Sanders' appearance.

In particular, Sanders sat while a team of CNN reporters received the Merriman Smith Award for their reporting on the so-called Russian Federation dossier.

Wolf's act, which also included abortion jokes, had some in the audience laughing.

"I don't pull punches", she added.

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