Published: Thu, May 03, 2018
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Texas Teen Planned Mass Shooting & Bombing

Texas Teen Planned Mass Shooting & Bombing

The FBI has thwarted an "ISIS-inspired" terror plot in North Texas with the arrest of a 17-year-old accused of planning a mass shooting spree.

Matin Azizi-Yarand has been taken into custody and charged with terrorism for plotting an attack at the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.

As mentioned, a manifesto developed by Yarand gave details about himself and the planned attack; in addition to allegedly pledging himself to ISIS, he reportedly also wrote a "Message to America" that supposedly listed his reasons for planning the attack. His bail was set at $3 million and he is facing life in prison, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Azizi-Yarand sent more than $1,400 to others to buy weapons and other tactical gear, authorities said.

In later conversations, the teenager tried to get the Federal Bureau of Investigation source to purchase guns for the attack, with Azizi-Yarand funneling money to him through prepaid cards sent to a post office box. He told the sources that he had learned the layout of the mall and had been observing patrons and security there. "Federal law limits our ability to certify a juvenile as an adult for prosecution, and in light of that, we determined that state prosecution of the subject will best address the case", U.S. Attorney Joseph Brown said in a statement.

The teen stated his plan was to cause financial damage, "setting stores on fire // gasoline // match // we won't suffocate to death lol we can shoot open weapons".

He faces life in prison on the criminal solicitation charge alone.

"The facts of this case, though alarming, serve as an example of the power of cooperation and the importance of each individual remaining vigilant in the spirit of 'see something-say something, '" said Frisco Police Chief John W. Bruce.

"Matin Azizi-Yarand was arrested on criminal solicitation of capital murder and making a terroristic threat, officials announced Wednesday". "I'd like to thank the FBI's North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Frisco and Plano Police Departments for their efforts in this case and their vigilance in protecting the citizens of Collin County".

Message gets across to the kuffar (Arabic for "disbelievers"). Had no limitary training.

Azizi-Yarand asked if the source could come to Dallas and said he planned to shoot a Hindu temple and ditch the getaway vehicle because "police response time here is really slow", the affidavit said. He allegedly told the source that he had been reading ISIS guides for "performing operations and making bombs" and that he wished to carry out an attack of his own.

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