Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Tory leader hails victory in Amber Valley

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Tory leader hails victory in Amber Valley

Labour has held Reading Borough Council, despite the Conservatives gaining two wards.

UKIP lost nearly all the council seats it won in 2014.

He told the WHT: "We gained seats from both Labour and the Conservatives, we now represent the majority of Welwyn Garden City - four out of seven [wards] - with our biggest group ever".

In a night of mixed fortunes for the two major parties, Labour took Plymouth from the Conservatives but was unable to seize Tory "crown jewel" authorities in London, where it had hoped to make gains.

Labour also held Bury with just three seats changing hands with their majority cut by one to eleven.

With 150 councils and 4,000 seats being counted, results are still trickling in for the local elections.

Fourteen seats were up for election in Rugby, with the Conservatives and the Lib Dems gaining a seat each.

Council leader Ric Metcalfe said: "I think it's been a pretty good night for Labour".

But Labour lost overall control of Derby and Nuneaton and Bedworth in the Midlands.

Election skilled Professor John Curtice mentioned Theresa May might be spared humiliation as Brexit-led positive factors elsewhere within the nation stability a drubbing within the capital.

For UKIP, the highs of 2014 have turned into near obliteration, with the party losing 84 seats by 6.30am and retaining just two.

"I would just like to say that I'm really happy with the councillors we got elected in the council".

Opposition leader Ron Hills was very pleased with the results, claiming that this was the first step back on the road for the Conservatives in regaining control of City Hall.

Nevertheless the Tories have a 24-seat majority so an enormous swing can be required for the authority to alter arms.

Visiting Wandsworth this morning, Theresa May said: "Labour thought they could take control, this was one of their top targets and they threw everything at it, but they failed".

Perhaps the most stunning victory of the night was that of the Garforth and Swillington Independents, which was originally made up of two councillors who defected from Labour previous year amid a flurry of claims and counterclaims.

Speaking prior to the results, and defending his position on recent development proposals, Anstee said: "The Turn Moss proposals, I think, enhance a hugely valued but in many respects massively under-utilised green space in Trafford".

After 14 years of Tory rule at Trafford Council it went to no overall control.

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