Published: Sun, May 06, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Self-driving Waymo minivan involved in crash in Arizona

Self-driving Waymo minivan involved in crash in Arizona

Another self-driving vehicle was involved in a crash in Arizona Friday when a person driving a Honda Accord lost control of their auto and smashed into the autonomous SUV.

In February, Uber settled a lawsuit with Alphabet, the parent company of Waymo (and Google) over the alleged theft of self-driving vehicle intellectual property. In this case a driver was on board and was injured in the accident. A Honda was eastbound on Chandler when it had to swerve to avoid a northbound vehicle in the intersection, police said.

As a result, the Honda went into opposing traffic lanes and hit the Waymo minivan.

Although Waymo has said it will be testing vehicles without safety drivers in Arizona, this was not one of them.

In a statement, a spokesman for Chandler police said: "There was an occupant in the Waymo vehicle sitting in the driver's seat, who sustained minor injuries". The Honda vehicle went into opposing traffic lanes and hit the Waymo auto.

ABC15 Arizona has released footage of the collision's aftermath, which shows the Waymo vehicle, a Chrysler minivan, nearby a Honda sedan that's had its front end demolished.

Waymo has released a video from the driverless auto involved in a collision in Arizona today, suggesting there was little either the vehicle or the safety driver could have done to avoid the crash. Both the cars were towed by the authorities after the incident reported to the police.

For photos from the scene captured the Waymo van injured in the area of the front left wheel and bumper. For now, it seems like the autonomous vehicle was not directly responsible for the crash.

This is not the first time an autonomous vehicle is involved in a crash.

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