Published: Wed, May 09, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Armenian parliament elects protest leader Nikol Pashinian as prime minister

Armenian parliament elects protest leader Nikol Pashinian as prime minister

In a concession last week, the Republicans agreed to support any prime minister candidate nominated by a third of the parliament members, paving the way for Pashinian's election. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev said.

Under Armenia's constitution, if a prime minister is not elected in the second vote, parliament will be dissolved and early general elections would be held with the HHK-led acting government in charge of the electoral process.

In the lead-up to his election on Tuesday, Pashinyan said that he was committed to staying in an economic bloc and regional collective security organization led by Russian Federation, which is wary of an uncontrolled change of power that would pull the country out of Russia's orbit.

Tens of thousands of supporters of Nikol Pashinian are celebrating on the central square of Armenia's capital after the protest leader was elected the country's prime minister.

"Mr. Pashinian, you will be elected prime minister ..."

Azerbaijan insists that any resolution of the issue must keep Nagorno-Karabakh as a part of the country.

Pashinyan has become hugely popular among Armenians after spearheading weeks of mass protests against the ruling party.

After a referendum approved the constitutional reform in 2015, the country is to switch from the presidential to the parliamentary rule.

Honoring Armenia's bond with the Kremlin, Russian media said Pashinyan will visit the Black Sea resort of Sochi next week for a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Union, a Russian-backed alternative to the European Union comprising a small group of former Soviet states.

Armenia's parliament has elected opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian as the country's new prime minister.

He has said he has no intention to cling to power but he will first have to persuade the same parliament to approve his cabinet.

"I would like to wish you that you form the government as soon as possible and engage in the solution of all the issues which face our state, government, entire people and this country - the Republic of Armenia".

The RA NA Deputy Speaker Mikayel Melkumyan has presented the viewpoint of the RA NA Tsarukyan Faction on the Prime Minister's candidacy, noting that their nominee is Nikol Pashinyan, and their party is with the people. They included 13 lawmakers representing Sarkisian's Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

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