Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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Woman alleges she was repeatedly raped at Chris Brown's home

Woman alleges she was repeatedly raped at Chris Brown's home

Court documents allege that Jane Doe and several other women were forced into a bedroom by an unnamed female friend of Brown's, according to TMZ.

A woman who claims she was repeatedly raped at Chris Brown's house has filed a lawsuit against the singer for his connection to the alleged assault.

The woman, called Jane Doe in the suit to protect her privacy, is also suing a woman who the plaintiff says forced her into a sexual act.

Meanwhile, according to the filing, Doe's mother - with whom she is usually in close contact - became anxious because she had not heard from her daughter and used an app to track the phone's location to Brown's house. The lawsuit says that she went to a rape center that same night, before contacting the police. She was taken into a room where there were other women.

Rihanna's violent ex has been named on the lawsuit which has been filed by Gloria Allred, who famously works on controversial cases, representing Bill Cosby's and Donald Trump's sexual assault victims, and constantly fighting for the protection of women's rights. Doe also claimed she was then forced to perform oral sex on the female friend, who was menstruating.

"Our client was invited to attend an "afterparty" at a recording studio to meet defendant [Lowell] Grissom, also known as Young Lo, and defendant Chris Brown", said the defendant's lawyer, Gloria Allred.

The civil lawsuit alleges sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, hate violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

"While hardcore "partying" took place in Brown's house, Plaintiff sat in a room near the dining area/kitchen, isolating herself from other guests and partiers, hoping that Brown and the other partiers would leave her alone".

Meghan Aguilar confirmed to Pitchfork, "We do not have any open investigations into Chris Brown for a criminal matter".

She says as she was tried to go away, she was dragged again inside by her throat and compelled to carry out a intercourse act on one other lady.

Allred states once her client arrived at the studio, her phone was taken away from her.

At that point, the female friend forced the women to hook up with Brown and another man, Lowell Grissom, it has been alleged.

She claims that she asked for her phone back but that Grissom refused, saying that she would need to go with them to Brown's house to retrieve it. And just previous year, rap producer Suge Knight dropped a lawsuit against Brown over a shooting at a West Hollywood nightclub that he blamed on Brown's feeble security.

Brown's rep did not return a request for comment.

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