Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Money | By Hannah Jacobs

Women should have got angrier sooner: Hayek

Women should have got angrier sooner: Hayek

Sofia Boutella, Salma Hayek and Patty Jenkins pose on the red carpet in protest at the screening of "Girls Of The Sun (Les Filles Du Soleil)".

She said Weinstein harassed her on the movie, which she produced, demanding that she do a "gratuitous" nude scene with another actress. I had a good run but now it's also time to be generous with the actresses in the films'. The actress, for instance, said she'd sold four television shows about women just this year.

At the Cannes film festival American actress appeared in a blue dress with a deep neckline accentuating her ample bosom. "It is actors too".

"We should have been angrier sooner", she said. "It is a well-known fact that if you are a woman of color, people believe in you less and believe what you say less".

The Mexican-born star subsequently claimed that one way to achieve equality would be for actors to spurn "inflated fees".

"If the movie's budget is $10m, the actor has to understand that if he is making $9.7m, it is going to be hard for equality".

"Otherwise they will kill the movie", she warned.

In the wake of the scandals that have followed Weinstein's downfall, Hayek said men in Hollywood "are terrified" and that "predators are hiding".

Also 51-year-old Salma Hayek put on a pale blue dress that accentuates her ample Breasts. "You feel this very palpable atmosphere".

The disgraced mogul contested her claim, with Hayek insisting it was part of a ploy by his lawyers to try to discredit the "women of colour who complained about him".

She also expressed frustration over Weinstein's decision to only comment on the allegations made by women of color because they are the easiest to discredit according to her.

The actress said she was "shocked" to discover how much of the producer's alleged impropriety had been hushed up. But while progress on the gender pay gap front will require more "aggressive" action, Hayek said, she argued that change had already arrived.

"A lot of attractive, peaceful men have been the victims of the bullying of men", she declared, saying it was "an exciting time" for men in Hollywood.

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