Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Best-selling author Tom Wolfe dies at 88

Best-selling author Tom Wolfe dies at 88

Tom Wolfe was to the Age of Aquarius what F Scott Fitzgerald was to the Roaring Twenties.

His death on Monday was confirmed by his agent, Ms Lynn Nesbit, who said Wolfe had been hospitalised in a Manhattan hospital with an infection.

New Journalism pioneer Tom Wolfe, who wrote The Right Stuff and The Bonfire of the Vanities, died of pneumonia in a NY hospital at age 88, according to Variety.

Wolfe's influence is profound on American culture and its lexicon - "the right stuff", "radical chic" and "the Me Decade" (read Wolfe on all three by clicking their respective links) being but three of Wolfe's phrases which demonstrate his exceptional linguistic acumen - it will be felt for time immemorial.

While Michael Lewis said: "What I hope people know about him is that he was a sweet and generous man".

Wolfe was known primarily for his reach within the field of New Journalism, a reporting style that emerged in the 1960s and '70s characterized by novelistic writing and literary storytelling techniques. 1983's "The Right Stuff", about the early days of the American space program, won critical raves and four Oscars.

Wolfe was also famous for his dapper "Southern gentleman" look, often appearing in public in a pristine white suit, white homburg hat, and two-tone shoes. The resulting bestseller, The Bonfire Of The Vanities, defined the late-1980s era of Wall Street ambition, power and money. I had the same lack of education, and in 1984 I presumed to become Time's architecture and design critic.

"To be honest, I have only five more planned".

Born in Richmond, Virginia, on March 2, 1930, Wolfe was a star baseball player at his high school and also edited its newspaper.

Wolfe lived in NY with his wife, Sheila.

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