Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Sci-tech | By Lila Blake

Federal government to spend $4.5B to buy Trans Mountain pipeline

Federal government to spend $4.5B to buy Trans Mountain pipeline

The British Columbia government filed a constitutional lawsuit Tuesday countering an Alberta government bill that would limit fuel being sent to the province.

"Pharmacare does not grow on trees", she said.

On April 8, Kinder Morgan Limited (KML) suspended all non-essential activities and related spending on its $7.4 billion oil pipeline expansion project in the face of mounting legal challenges from British Columbia.

Notley said issues such as pharmacare are important and Alberta will be represented by deputy premier and Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says while other western premiers meeting in Yellowknife will be talking about how to spend money, she'll be working in Alberta figuring out how to earn it.

The NDP government in B.C. came to power previous year - supported by the Green Party - after an election campaign in which it committed to working against the pipeline expansion owing to environmental concerns.

They were part of a demonstration by the US environmental group, Mosquito Fleet, Greenpeace US and Sierra Club that organised a rally in the city against Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline expansion.

If Alberta does restrict oil transports to B.C. gas pumps, he said, the province is prepared to ask a judge to make an order against it through an injunction.

Premier Notley initially praised the Horgan move as a step in the right direction ("stepping back from the brink and abiding by the law") and suspended her wine boycott.

As the clock ticks down until the May 31 deadline over the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project, which will triple the amount of tar sands being transported from Alberta to the British Columbian coast, the campaign against its expansion is spreading overseas.

Cheryl Oates, a spokesperson for Ms. Notley, said in an interview that the Alberta leader is focused on doing what she can on Trans Mountain.

"We continue to engage in financial discussions on the way we are going to do that", Trudeau said. "It is to ensure we have the protections in place for when the pipeline is turned on ..."

The Trans Mountain expansion was given federal approval in late 2016.

"Why don't we just go to the source?" he said. Indeed, as Bloomberg pointed out at the end of last week, "Justin Trudeau's pipeline nightmare may be only getting started ... the prime minister could end up fighting for an asset that hardly anybody wants".

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