Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Undocumented migrant in Paris dubbed 'Spider-Man' for saving a small child

Undocumented migrant in Paris dubbed 'Spider-Man' for saving a small child

Gassama told Macron that he arrived in Italy in 2014 after more than a year in Libya, where he was arrested and beaten, "but I wasn't discouraged".

A man is being hailed as a hero after he scaled a building in just seconds to save a child who was dangling off of a balcony, with the resulting video going immediately viral. He met with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, and was thanked for the miraculous rescue.

"I ran. I crossed the street to save him", he told Macron.

Accustomed to keeping his head down and staying out of trouble, Gassama said he didn't think of his legal status when he sprang to action. I was pleased to have spoken to him today on the phone to thank him warmly.

"My God, I was very shocked".

Macron invited Gassama to the presidential palace.

"We'll obviously be setting all your papers straight and if you wish it, we will start the process of naturalisation so that you can become French", he added on Monday.

Gassama is being honored by Macron for scaling an apartment building over the weekend to save a 4-year-old child dangling from a fifth-floor balcony.

His heroic act has been praised by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo as she took to Twitter to praise for his "act of bravery".

Cheering onlookers filmed from the ground below as Mr Gassama climbed up to the child and whisked him to safety faster than individuals who were on a balcony above him could reach the toddler.

French prosecutor Francois Molins told a CNN affiliate that the father had gone grocery shopping, leaving the child alone and then proceeded to play Pokémon Go after leaving the shop.

With simple words, a visibly nervous Mamoudou Gassama described the heroic act that forever changed his life.

The child's mother was not in Paris at the time.

In an interview with BFM TV, Gassama said once he had the boy safely in his arms, he asked him why he did that, but the child, probably in shock, did not initially reply.

The father of the child was later detained by police for alleged parental neglect and now faces up to two years in prison when he appears in court in September.

In videos of the incident from Saturday afternoon, the child - a four-year-old boy, according to Le Parisien - is hanging onto the balcony while people watch in horror below.

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