Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

These are the AR upgrades reportedly in the pipeline for iOS 12

These are the AR upgrades reportedly in the pipeline for iOS 12

Like the previous years, you need to have an Apple device in order to watch the WWC 2018 keynote live stream. New additions could include a way to track and set limits for time spent on certain apps.

Apple also may introduce new ways to help people manage their health and assist apps in the use of augmented reality - the blending of digital images and information with a physical setting through the camera. For me, this is where tech should have more impact.

The event comes a month after Google showed off its latest software, including upgrades to the Android operating system that powers roughly four out of five smartphones in the world.

A report from Reuters on Friday says that Apple Inc will be debuting tools that will allow two iPhone users to share data so they can have access to the same virtual environment through their individual devices, according to two sources familiar with the project.

It's a technology that is used by mobile game Pokemon Go.

Exactly what Apple plans with its smart assistant Siri is not 100 percent clear, but as SiliconANGLE reported May 21, there's a strong possibility that Apple may be announcing enhanced conversational artificial intelligence for the service.

Moreover, Apple will likely unveil a smaller and cheaper HomePod speaker. Apple recently poached top Google AI executive John Giannandrea, after criticism about slow feature development compared to the competition.

We could also see a series of more minor announcements, including the ability to temporarily snooze notifications, track changes on the stock market, and even sending Animoji creations over FaceTime communications. This would address developer apathy toward the Mac App Store, which hasn't been redesigned in several years.

One of the key new announcements is expected to encourage users to spend less time using their iPhones. Given that there are so many things happening every moment these days, there's no obvious subject for him to dig into.

It wouldn't just be the CEO speaking from his heart.

Despite WWDC's focus on software, some hardware were introduced at the event before.

Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal and the roll-out of strict new GDPR privacy laws in the European Union have finally managed to get consumers thinking about privacy.

Most of this year's WWDC will still be devoted to making users want to pick up Apple gadgets. Apple is in a unique position to toot its own horn.

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