Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Doug Ford To Take Over As Ontario Premier In Next 3 Weeks

Doug Ford To Take Over As Ontario Premier In Next 3 Weeks

"Immediately we'll be looking for an auditing firm to go in and look line-by-line ... we'll end up doing that as soon as possible".

Only after that was done, she had said, would an NDP government move to balance the province's red-inked books by taxing the well-off.

Tanya Granic Allen commented on the Progressive Conservative win in a tweet posted June 7, 2018.

The Green Party was the other big victor Thursday night, gaining its first seat in the legislature as Leader Mike Schreiner handily won in Guelph.

The contest in Canada's industrial and manufacturing heartland was a fight between Ford and the left-leaning New Democratic Party after Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne, premier since 2013 and the first woman to lead the province, dropped to a distant third in opinion polls.

"We're putting them through these what we call "letter extractors" that cuts the top inside the envelope", she says. The party eventually published a list of promises and their price tags, but didn't indicate how they would pay for them, what size of deficits they would run or for exactly how long.

"The man who saved the Jesus Parade, who promises to repeal the radical elements of sex ed". "But if things go badly with the Doug Ford government ... that could become a liability". "The current premier is obviously not going to be the premier", Bricker said in an interview with Global News before the polls closed. Aside from the election results themselves, the most pressing question triggered by this event for many employers is: are my employees entitled to paid time off to vote?

Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump have exchanged tough words after the U.S. imposed hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and Europe.

And fellow Toronto Liberal MP Adam Vaughan, asked about Ford's reluctance to talk about LGBTQ rights, commented acerbically: "I'd be surprised if he knows the other 26 letters in the alphabet too". "I don't believe that this is part of the bandwagon or the trend that we're seeing in the United States, in Poland, in Hungary, in other countries in Europe".

Ontario's outgoing Liberals made a pitch to hold on to official party status Friday as they entered a period of extreme uncertainty in the wake of an election that took them from a majority government to a mere seven seats.

They will need at least eight seats to retain official party status. Wynne has led her Liberals from government to third-party status - indeed, the Grits are now sitting at seven MPPs, one fewer than is required for recognized-party status.

A Liberal defeat was predicted by Wynne herself just days before the vote, as she admitted her party had such low support it would not form government again. "I feel very proud of the work that all of our candidates did across the province". Continuing to find ways to make it all work better.

Meanwhile, Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day said he heard "virtually nothing" on Indigenous issues during the campaign.

Yet one key person has yet to say anything publically for his fellow Liberal leader.

"If you missed the regular voter registration deadline, you may not be able to vote at your local polling place or by mail, but you still have an opportunity to cast a ballot. I tried to talk about those people last night, people across this province who are doing fantastic things".

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