Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

Lebron to meet with HEAT and others in free agency

Lebron to meet with HEAT and others in free agency

"The one thing that I've always done is considered, obviously, my family", LeBron said about his decision process.

The irony, as ESPN chronicled last fall, is that on the very night Paul was completing his deal to the Rockets, James was seated at the next table at a West Hollywood restaurant.

Unlike most of Lebron's suitors, the Heat now lacks a star to pair him up with, but is an organization James knows very well (he's played four seasons there and won two championships).

I get it would be for LeBron James, but I'm not under the belief that you try to fix something that wasn't necessarily broken. Will he decide to stay home and re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers or will he take his talents somewhere else?

The four-time MVP registered his sixth defeat in the Finals as the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept by the Golden State Warriors, the third time in four years the Cavs have surrendered to Steve Kerr's men. "I think I'm still learning".

"I get asked all the time about MJ, LeBron, and it's such a hard question to ask", Kerr said, according to a USA Today report on Saturday.

You have to be over the luxury tax three out of the prior four years to incur the repeater, and Golden State has only been in the tax for the 2017-18 season. And perhaps more importantly, is the fact that they'll give LeBron free reign to call the shots as a player just as he did in Cleveland.

The early favorites to land James look like the 76ers due to their young talent and easier road to the NBA Finals in the East, but the Rockets are going to go after him, so they will be a team to watch too.

Since arriving in Cleveland in 2014 via a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love has been an integral part of the Cavs' success.

Now make no mistake, I'm an unabashed LeBron apologist.

"I let the emotions get the best of me, " James said.

In a similar situation at the moment stands James, who holds a $35.6 million player option for next season, an option, if exercised, that would allow him to be traded to the team of his choice in advance of free agency.

"I pride myself on standing out wherever I am". My responsibility is to whatever team I play for.

Interestingly, every time that he's hit the open market, he's switch jerseys. I know the Knicks stink but they're a storied franchise with cap room, the No. 9 pick and a blossoming superstar in Kristaps Porzingis still playing on a rookie contract.

The 2007 edition of the Cavaliers made the playoffs the next three years, but they were eliminated by Boston in the Eastern Conference finals in 2008, the conference finals in 2009 and the conference semifinals in 2010.

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