Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Iran Blasts Saudi-led Coalition’s Attack on Yemen’s Hodeidah

Iran Blasts Saudi-led Coalition’s Attack on Yemen’s Hodeidah

It is vital to maintain the flow of food, fuel and medical supplies into Yemen. He added that Saudi Arabia has supported Yemen all along and "these efforts included the recent contribution of $1.5 billion to United Nations relief efforts in Yemen, the largest in United Nations history, as well as initiatives to enhance the capacity of ports throughout Yemen including facilitiating the entry of cranes into Hodeidah".

Aid agencies warned that the crucial battle in the three-year-old conflict could push the Arab world's poorest country into further chaos.

Coalition warplanes and warships were carrying out strikes on Houthi fortifications to support ground operations by Yemeni troops massed south of the Red Sea port, the internationally recognised Yemeni government in exile said in a statement issued by its media office.

The deaths are the first casualties to be confirmed by coalition forces since launching the assault against Hodeida early Wednesday. The U.N. Security Council was scheduled to meet later Thursday to discuss the offensive. He said a senior official from the U.N. Secretariat would brief council members in closed consultations.

Over 10,000 people have been killed in Yemen's civil war, which has displaced 2 million more and helped spawn a cholera epidemic.

Russian Federation warned on Thursday that the Hodeidah offensive could lead to "catastrophic" results for the entire war-ravaged country.

He called on all parties to engage with United Nations efforts "to spare Hodeida any military confrontation" and "give peace a chance".

He said the kits include food for a family of four for two weeks as well as hygiene items and other essential goods.

The worldwide aid group warned of a "high risk of a second outbreak" should water supplies be disrupted.

Tehran has always emphasised that there is no military solution to the Yemeni crisis, Qassemi said, adding that the aggressors must end their assaults.

In the morning, the residents reported loud explosions that rocking the whole city.

"Our imminent victory in Hodeidah will be the ... gateway to retrieving our kidnapped capital and exerting the influence of the government over every inch of the country", he said.

Lowcock briefed the U.N. Security Council in a closed-door session on Monday and spoke to reporters afterwards.

Ahmed al-Haj in Sanaa.

The Saudi-UAE coalition, which pressed ahead with the strikes despite global calls to refrain, argues that it will liberate the port from Houthi militias who, it says, are using it to smuggle weapons and divert the flow of aid.

They say the fighting is raging in the coastal areas of ad-Durayhimi district.

"Some civilians are entrapped, others forced from their homes".

The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has raised alarm over the plight of Hodeida's 300,000 children and the risk that drinking water supplies will be disrupted. Hodeidah has a population of about 60,000 people.

Yemen's Foreign Minister Khaled Alyemany said that government forces were holding off on advancing on the port for now, and "are not planning to destroy the infrastructure".

"All peaceful and political means of removing the Houthi militia from Hodeida port have been exhausted", the government said in a statement carried by Yemen's state news agency Saba.

The Saudi-led coalition did not immediately acknowledge the incident.

Saudi-owned satellite news channels have announced the start of the Saudi-led coalition's assault on Hodeida. Aden has served as his government's temporary capital since 2015.

From both Riyadh's and Washington's perspective, however, the rule of Yemen by any regime that is not a puppet of U.S. and Saudi interests is unacceptable and would weaken the anti-Iranian axis that United States imperialism has forged in the region.

The UAE, a pillar of the anti-Houthi coalition, says retaking Hodeida is necessary to force the rebels to make concessions.

Sudanese forces fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen gather near the outskirts of the western port city of Hodeidah, Yemen, June 12, 2018.

Before dawn on Wednesday, convoys of vehicles appeared to be heading toward the rebel-held city, according to videos posted on social media.

Yemen's government said on Tuesday that negotiations had failed to force the rebels from Hodeida, and that a grace period for UN-led peace efforts was over.

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