Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

No need to justify separating kids, parents at border: Bannon

No need to justify separating kids, parents at border: Bannon

"It's completely unacceptable under any moral code or under any religious tradition to injure children, inflict trauma on them in order to send some political message to adults somewhere overseas". Previously, people who entered the country illegally and had no criminal record were detained or referred for deportation, and mothers and children usually remained together.

"Trump is literally holding children hostage to get his unpopular border wall", she writes.

Republican leaders have invited President Trump to visit Capitol Hill this week to try to fix the damage he did when he said he wouldn't sign the immigration compromise that House Republicans had spent months writing. During the Obama and Bush administration, most undocumented immigrants who were caught at the border were released pending a hearing - which many never showed up for.

Mrs Trump shocked the world taking a clear stance against one of Donald Trump's most hotly-debated policies in her first-ever statement on a political issue.

Hurd told CNN on Saturday: "To me it makes it very clear that in the home of the free and the land of the fearless, we should not be using kids as a deterrent policy".

The immediate cause of the crisis is Team Trump's decision to start prosecuting illegal border-crossers, rather than simply deporting them. "And Donald Trump is not going to do that".

'Democrats and Republicans have spoken out against the practice.

The proposed fix won approval from moderate House Republicans locked in hard re-election battles, but not from Republican Senate candidates running competitive races in GOP-leaning states. Ted Cruz, said the process of separating families is 'inhumane'.

Demonstrators gather outside the Massachusetts State House in Boston to protest against the Trump administration policy. Trump said in a morning post on Twitter.

He warned that Republicans "will lose the House and Trump will be impeached" if the House backs the new measure, according to Iowa Rep. Steve King, an immigration hard-liner who was in attendance. 'If he can't [acknowledge] that, I'll go tell him 'if you don't like families being supported, you can tell DHS to stop doing it'.

President Trump campaigned on a platform to cut off the flow of immigrants entering the U.S. through Mexico and repeatedly characterised those coming through as potential rapists and criminals.

Despite initiating the policy, the president has lamented it several times, and blamed it on Democrats.

Sessions has repeatedly touted the policy and it's necessity in appearance around the country and in interviews.

"I don't see the mainstream media, and I don't see the liberal left embracing the Angel Moms, those people that were permanently separated from their children because of illegal aliens that came over here and committed crimes and killed people", he said in response to a question. "That's the Democrats" law, ' Trump told reporters on Friday. The man has heard his daughter was taken to MI, but he is not sure and has not spoken to her, he said. The Democrats forced that law upon our nation'.

The Department of Homeland Security officials are standing their ground saying people who enter the US illegally should face the same consequences as USA citizens who commit crimes.

"It's hard for me to enjoy Father's Day knowing what's happening to other children and families", he said.

In a tweet on Saturday he urged Democrats to work with Republicans to create new legislation.

Trump has said Democrats need to get behind Republican legislative efforts.

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