Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Seventeen people dead after teargas set off in Venezuelan nightclub

Seventeen people dead after teargas set off in Venezuelan nightclub

At least 17 people have been killed in a stampede in a nightclub in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, the Interior Minister Néstor Reverol has confirmed.

The incident on Saturday morning occurred after a middle school graduation party degenerated into a brawl and someone detonated the tear gas, according to Interior and Justice Minister Nestor Reverol.

"All I know is my son is dead", Nilson Guerra, 43, told local journalists.

17 people were reportedly killed after a tear gas device exploded and that led to a stampeded in a Caracas night club. "We send our condolences to the families", Reverol said.

Mr Reverol said authorities had arrested seven people and the investigation was ongoing.

Most of the injured were being treated at nearby hospitals, and one minor was in serious condition.

Numerous victims were trampled when were trampled when over 500 young Venezuelans tried to flee the Los Cotorros nightclub after the explosion. The father of an injured son told local media that he told him that the tear gas grenade had been thrown from the bathroom and that the establishment closed its doors after.

Authorities said non-governmental groups inflate figures to create paranoia and tarnish President Nicolás Maduro's socialist government.

He added that other violent incidents had taken place inside the club, which is frequently used by the Ecuadorean community for parties and political events.

The club's owner is also being questioned for not preventing weapons from being brought into the premises. No information on the owner's name, exact charges or current whereabouts was immediately provided.

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