Published: Tue, June 26, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

IOS 12 public beta is now available

IOS 12 public beta is now available

Anyone can now try out the early version of Apple's iOS 12, after the company released a test of the operating system to the public. Until September, anyone can help shape things up, as well as test-drive the latest OS build while various kinks are still ironed out.

Just do not forget to back up all your important data before agreeing to assess the stability and performance of the current pre-release iOS 12 version.

With that, we should mention that those willing to install the public beta should be aware that, like all beta software, there will most certainly be frustrating glitches and bugs. You can also set app and device time limits for your children's iPhones or iPads through the parental controls.

For one, this is a public beta, so expect there to be software bugs here and there. That means anyone willing to take a risk with unfinished software can try out new features such as group FaceTime conversations, less annoying notifications and new Screen Time tools to tell you just how addicted you are to your phone. While there weren't many new features to brag on, the main objective of iOS 12 is to breath new life into Apple's older iPhones and iPads while bringing some refinement to their newer devices. Apple is releasing the Workflow app as a new Siri Shortcuts app. Developers will be able to add information to Siri, as well, so that you can add a boarding pass or a music playlist to Siri. If that's the case, then you should know you can still get back to iOS 11.4 without losing any data. Downtime, another setting, allows you to set blocks of time where you can only use authorized apps, to keep your distractions down. Apple's also revamped the social side of photos, and will make suggestions about people you may want to send your snapshots to, based on who's in the pictures. The process involves holding in some buttons until the device restarts, but not letting go until you see an iTunes logo on the display of the device. This is only available on the iPhone X, naturally.

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