Published: Sun, July 01, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

DeAndre Jordan agrees to one-year deal with Dallas Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan agrees to one-year deal with Dallas Mavericks

Everyone who pays attention to the National Basketball Association remembers the DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks debacle from a few years back.

Back in 2015, Jordan was close to signing with Dallas.

Even though Dallas declined Dirk Nowitzki's player option, the Mavs plan on resigning the veteran big man.

Jordan in Dallas just makes sense, if the two sides are willing to forgive one another for their last free agency fiasco.

This is an obvious indication that he has played his last game for the Clippers and will be on a new team next year.

The Clippers tried but failed to send Jordan to the Mavericks in a sign-and-trade deal after they dealt guard Austin Rivers to the Washington Wizards in exchange for center Marcin Gortat on Tuesday. Coincidence? I think not. They are certainly headed in the right direction with Jordan agreeing to a deal.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban refused to accept an apology from Jordan after the reversal, but later said he was moving on and never ruled out acquiring a player despite what was seen as a betrayal. Despite being 30 years old when the season will start, Jordan seemingly has a lot of good basketball left in him.

In 2017-18, Jordan averaged 12 points and 15.2 rebounds per game.

Both the Clippers and Mavericks are rebuilding their rosters. Jordan has expressed his interest in being the next center for the Dallas Mavericks. Adding Jordan alongside Dennis Smith Jr. and Yogi Ferrell will hopefully make the team more competitive. He will never be great in that area, but making himself less of a liability is a positive sign for his future.

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