Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
Sport | By Tony Jimenez

Newswatch: LeBron chooses the Lakers

Newswatch: LeBron chooses the Lakers

Then came another shocker.

"Cash that is. Lakers gold". His advisors didn't know if he'd pick a team before he left for Europe or after he landed, or even after he returned. 8 bedrooms. Elevator and a sauna. But he was clearly focused on the new home team.

Many expected LeBron James would leave the Cavaliers.

And now the deal is complete he posted a message to those who supported him while in Cleveland.

Everybody has a theory why LeBron landed in the City of Angels.

James, 33, is the best basketball player in the world, and is coming off an outstanding season, his best since 2013-2014 according to PER (Player Efficiency Rating), and his best since 2012-2013 according to VORP (Value Over Replacement Player).

Hey, the guy was going to make bank wherever he signed. Both players enjoyed plenty of success the first time around and eventually won back-to-back championships in Miami.

"It's not if LeBron will fit in, it's everybody else", said Bogut, who played seasons with the Cavaliers and the Lakers before moving to the Sydney Kings for the upcoming NBL season. Another option for the Lakers is to acquire Kawhi Leonard through a trade. He can nearly singlehandedly vault the Lakers into playoff contention.

"The odds have been against me since I was 5, 6 years old".

The move is a major success for the Lakers, who have had trouble attracting big-name free agents in recent years.

Never-the-less, Cleveland still has the advantage to woo back James: The team can offer a max contract of $207 million over five years, compared to the $152 million over four years he could receive from another team.

If it works out, James will get a statue outside Staples Center next to Kareem, Magic, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor (Kobe Bryant's hasn't been announced yet).

LeBron's deal with the Lakers takes him to 2022, when he'll be 37.

However, since taking over as the President of Basketball Operations and the general manager, Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson have done a great job for the Lakers.

Philadelphia hasn't hid its desire to land James, a three-time champion who would instantly make the club a championship contender.

Although LeBron has done extremely well in business - his net worth is $400 million - having Johnson as a role model/business resource is unquestionably valuable. This would change if the Lakers sign James or other free agents.

The deal was announced Sunday night by Kutch Sports, James' management group.

Clean, efficient, businesslike, without drama. The first piece might be immediately swaying Pelicans' forward Boogie Cousins to sign with the Lakers instead of the Pelicans. The Lakers, as they stand today without Leonard, are a good team. It's become more competitive and has added an intriguing story line.

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