Published: Tue, July 03, 2018
Tech | By Tabitha Holland

The OnePlus 6's latest color option is making us red with envy

The OnePlus 6's latest color option is making us red with envy

When it comes to the fiery color, it's easy to go overboard and oversaturate things, but OnePlus restrained itself and toned-down things in order to achieve a classier, amber-like finish.

"The OnePlus 6 Red is created to match power with style, with attention to detail paramount".

OnePlus 6 Red Edition has been launched for a starting price of Rs 39,999 in India.

The importance of color red is understood by OnePlus as well, who launch a Lava Red OnePlus 5T past year. As yet there is no word on any future availability in Australia and with OnePlus making such stunning-looking - and performing - phones we can only hope that they decide to sell it directly to us sooner rather than later.

When it was unveiled in London, OnePlus offered three colours including Midnight Black, Silk White and Mirror Black but that's about to change. The company claims the effect cost an extra $5 per phone. We're not sure how many red shades are there on the color wheel but we welcome any red gadget. As the color red represents courage and inner confidence, this red model also shows power.

The company used a new film coating process that's "never been adopted before in the smartphone industry" to achieve an "amber-like" depth and clarity for the OnePlus 6 Red.

The OnePlus 6 Red will be featuring the same specs as other models.

Apparently, last year's limited-edition OnePlus 5T Lava Red, which needed quite a bit of time to expand (in small numbers) from China to India to the United States and Europe, was deemed so successful that the never-settling OEM put a lot of effort into a "bold, eye-catching" fourth version "worthy of the OnePlus 6". It was meant to arrive on July the second, and true to their word OnePlus have today made it official.

While previous models of the OnePlus 6 have borne the tag "The speed you need", this one is also billed as being "The Red you need".

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