Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Kristi Paul

Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Project Involving Trump University

It's not clear what form Sacha Baron Cohen's new project will take, but since he's been known to dupe unwitting members of society with his previous characters, it wouldn't be a stretch to think he'd managed to infiltrate the world of Trump once again.

Of the celebrities that have verbally opposed Donald Trump as President, Sacha Baron Cohen is arguably among the loudest.

The actor and comedian posted a video on his Twitter Wednesday that promised, "He's back as you've never seen him before".

"Go to school. Learn about being amusing".

An archive video of Trump attacking Cohen then plays, with the president branding the Englishman a "third-rate character". "Sacha graduates." A logo for Trump's sham educational program Trump University (for which the President settled a $25 million dollar class action lawsuit) is then shown.

In 2003, the comedian - who also created Borat - interviewed the mogul in the guise of Ali G.

Trump often claims he was the only one to walk out of an interview with Ali G but Baron Cohen says he actually lasted about 9 minutes.

In a resignation letter to the Republican National Committee, he publicly criticized Trump's family separations at the US-Mexico border, and people close to him told The Wall Street Journal and CNN he was frustrated Trump wasn't paying his legal bills - even suggesting Cohen was open to cooperating with the government and providing information on Trump. Trump also tweeted about the incident at the time.

He tweeted in 2012: 'I never fall for scams.

But in a 2016 interview, Cohen told James Corden on the "Late Late Show" that Mr. Trump did not immediately leave the interview. He has not released a project since then, but has appeared in other movies and shows.

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