Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Trump and Kim's NYC meeting plan

Trump and Kim's NYC meeting plan

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo will travel to North Korea on July 5 to continue talks with Kim Jong-un's government on nuclear disarmament, the White House said Monday, even as new questions have been raised about Kim's intentions.

President Donald Trump claimed on Twitter Tuesday that the USA would be at war with North Korea if it were not for him. "Only the Opposition Party, which includes the Fake News, is complaining", he tweeted.

"Also, this most recent report that the North Koreans are building a facility to build more parts for their solid-fuel missiles - that's also inconsistent with the notion that they are going to give up their weapons".

Kim also led the US team hammering out the joint declaration that Trump and Kim Jong Un signed in Singapore, and it's expected his team is working now to negotiate how it is implemented.

Pompeo will visit Pyongyang for two days before heading to Tokyo to meet with South Korean and Japanese officials, according to State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert.

Earlier in Trump's presidency, many experts said his "maximum pressure" approach to the United States adversary actually made armed conflict significantly more likely.

Appearing on a different Sunday talk show on CBS News, his National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the USA has developed a programme to dismantle North Korea's nuclear weapons.

But with the latest remark from the State Department, Washington appears to be giving Pyongyang a little space when it comes to denuclearization with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scheduled to begin his third trip to Pyongyang today.

There have been reports Kim's regime has failed to honour its denuclearisation pledge after the June 12 meeting.

The findings support a new, previously undisclosed Defense Intelligence Agency estimate that North Korea is unlikely to denuclearize.

Recent revelations include an NBC News report that said USA intelligence agencies believe the North has increased its production of enriched uranium fuel for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months.

United States intelligence is not certain how many nuclear warheads North Korea has.

He added: "It seems that Donald Trump's attitude with Kim Jong Un is trust, trust, trust, trust and never verify". He then told Fox News that his North Korean counterpart is "strong", "funny", "smart" and a "great negotiator". Axios described the potential meeting as a "carrot to encourage real movement by North Korea" on denuclearization.

North Korea has consistently refused in past rounds of failed negotiations to provide an inventory of its weapons program and USA intelligence remains uncertain of how many nuclear warheads North Korea has. "If they have the strategic decision already made to do that, and they're cooperative, we can move very quickly", he added.

"I am not going to comment on any reports, true, untrue, or partially true, about intelligence".

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