Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort files request to hire 61 foreign workers

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort files request to hire 61 foreign workers

Over the past decade, President Donald Trump's private foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to charitable organizations after they hosted events at his private Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Florida luxury resort is requesting 61 temporary foreign worker visas as it looks to fill 21 cook and 40 server positions, according to U.S. Department of Labor records filed Thursday and Friday.

The president is known to speak about the "Buy American, Hire American" policy on several occasions and has often asked businesses to opt for United States workers.

The increases in the numbers of foreign workers sought by Mar-a-Lago come at a time when the club's business model seems to be changing - transformed, by Trump's divisive politics from a club focused on charity galas to a GOP clubhouse frequented by Trump's friends and allies. BuzzFeed reported that thousands of workers on either H2-A or H2-B visas have been raped, beaten, abused, starved, imprisoned, or financially exploited by their employers.

The Mar-a-Lago Club has repeatedly used foreign workers in the past. The H-2B visa is for "temporary non-agricultural workers". But it is seeking to pay those cooks slightly less than in 2017: the posting says Mar-a-Lago's pay for cooks starts at $13.31 per hour, down 3 cents from the year before.

Despite President Trump's push for US companies to hire American workers, even his own businesses are not complying.

The Atlantic Ocean is seen adjacent to President Donald Trump's beach front Mar-a-Lago resort, also sometimes called his Winter White House, in Palm Beach, Florida. "Other hotels do the exact same thing".

Trump appears to prefer foreign workers at his resorts who are female, young, attractive, and with Romanian or South African accents that convey an "exotic appeal", former workers told the network.

A review of the Trump Foundation's tax records back to 2008 revealed that almost all of the $706,000 in donations the organization made went to charities that hosted large events at Trump's exclusive south Florida golf resort, according to an analysis by The Palm Beach Post.

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