Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Global Media | By Derrick Guzman

US President to meet May, Queen and visit Churchill's birthplace

US President to meet May, Queen and visit Churchill's birthplace

The president will spend Thursday night at US Ambassador Robert "Woody" Johnson's London residence but will otherwise steer clear of the city. He praised the relationship between the two nations and said it was "as strong now as it has ever been".

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has had a number of social media spats with the president, on Thursday gave permission for a blimp portraying Donald Trump as an orange, snarling baby to be flown over parliament.

Trump will instead meet British Prime Minister Theresa May at her country residence, Chequers.

"Mr Trump has said some unusual and irregular things, and some things I would certainly not agree with, but he has not, like many world leaders who Her Majesty and the government have met over the years, abused human rights".

"They will be discussing that issue - the relationship with Russian Federation - at the meeting at Chequers", Mr. Johnson said, referring to the prime minister's ceremonial country estate in Ellesborough, about 45 miles northwest of London.

The Trumps are scheduled to meet the queen at Windsor Castle Friday afternoon.

Smyth expressed doubts that the president would stop by for a pint but said he would "have a pint of stout ready for him in case".

Robbins said it was also "really noticeable that he will barely spend any time in London" - perhaps to avoid the protests.

Asked whether the President's schedule was created to keep him away from possible protests, a Downing Street spokeswoman said: "Prime ministers frequently make use of Chequers for meetings with foreign leaders. The President is merely trying to get as impactful a trip as he can get in a 24-hour period", CNN reported.

In the evening, May will host a black-tie dinner for Trump at the stately home that will be attended by about 100 business leaders from industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, defence and technology.

Erika Miller, 36, who has dual British-U.S. citizenship after marrying a Briton, said the protests would have no impact on relations between the two countries. May have had an at times strained relationship in the first 18 months of his presidency. The American leader will arrive with a one-day visit to London, then go to Scotland.

Mrs. May has publicly admonished Mr. Trump, including his trade agenda, and the two engaged in a Twitter spat past year after Mrs. Matters got even worse when Trump retweeted video posts of a British ultra-rightist group targeting Muslim immigrants in November. "We have great respect for everything you're doing and we love your country". May has also expressed interest in such an agreement, but any deal can't be finished until the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union, expected in early 2019.

The helium-filled, six-meter high "Trump Baby" balloon was crowdfunded by campaigners who wanted "to make sure he (Trump) knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him".

Others are holding marches through the city and in Scotland - where President Trump owns golf courses.

Johnson said the President would use mostly the Marine One helicopter to get around.

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